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Something happens. And it’s very different from what happened in previous decades. Is placed in question the dominant archetype, usually called “modern movement architecture” so much broader … The products show, it is not only an apparent formal evolution, but above all change in the formulation of concepts basic.
Many of these concepts, consciously or unconsciously bind to the failures of a technological society, which has failed to define its purpose, and has desembocado in a huge range of problems – among them, the mass production of housing.
Result of this fact, questions that open a range that ranges from the technology used, to the lack of social adequacy of housing developments.
The psychosocial impact disastrous results, not to mention the ever wider consequences of the depletion of the natural environment which causes all sorts of seizures.
Emerging reflection of that is not accurate awareness of the vaunted identity technological development = social progress (identity increasingly remote and unattainable for a large portion of the poor), and the modern architecture reacts, reflecting the concern at all ideas too well grounded by their first postulators, and questions their principles and foundations.
The awareness for increasingly broad sections of society, the growing phenomenon of not defining purposes of technological society, with alarming signs of obvious environmental erosion worldwide, lead to a rethink of the model as a whole. The architecture has not relieved exception.
Not ready with answers to the broader problem but as reformist rigor parade works, breaking and establissment of more than half a century of principles that seemed immutable architecture.
An apparent great freedom takes care of projects where RESTATE the passion for drawing and shape.
Subtle combinations of hues and shades of unexpected color are present.
Often playful game hatch, making believe a big joke of overdeveloped country, connecting all at a reckless waste, where the emphasis is much more than questioning the principles of the modern movement in architecture than in postulating ways to go.
Transition, fashion, or whatever it is to label the new positions delineate clearly much deeper changes clearly delineate much deeper changes, without, however, approach results in the solution of the great dichotomies that have generated.
Its processes deny principles, since it did not meet its fundamental goals, and denying them take them universality.
So fit regional way of facing problems with their constructive and formal peculiarities, who walk not required to meet the major international interests involved in consecrated materials and systems.

These, attached to the establishment, try, along with the official criticism, return to the system where so well operate to avoid recycling and heavy investment for new adaptations.
However, again the walk stop something new in architecture, is self-evident and that its manifestation is very broad and definitive.

There are no established models, despite the already intense labeling from the non-formal formalism of the post-modern to futuristic high-tec views.
In all appears a reformist force.
Are passages for a way issuing into architecture of the century, which we do not have foresight, but recognition that will differ in their principles and foundations, those parameters that appeared to us as definitive, and that forged the artistic manifestations – and the architecture itself the twentieth century.



Do not talk more.
It is no longer news story or student conversation. Professionals no longer use it as a topic of discussion.
The issue sold out or gone, although still present as fact. To this visual pollution.
The clutter of signs, excess advertising information, diversity of media, the riot of colors and lights, drive on the sidewalks. All those things that make the delight of the consumer society, in which everyone wants to offer its product in visual priority conditions, result in a whole that, at a given time under a given viewpoint, was called visual pollution.
What is pollution? Says the Dictionary: Polluting is dirty, corrupt, macular, spot.
Let us stop a little trouble reading this: the vision that we have is something disturbing and undesirable, requiring professional intervention to organize the information.
It’s all right. We think that’s right: we need to stop the capitalist society as a consumer attack.
The commercial calls have been placed such that in the urban environment take the street itself.
We must prioritize information in the city, focusing on the road nature, regulation of use and occupation of the streets and avenues and squares. It has to rely on visual information to enhance safety and ensure optimal enjoyment of the city. The competition that signs advertising to make road signs is something to think and act.
But there is another possible reading: the erotic, vital.
What comes to be?
Erotic is this libidinal charge we receive passing through the streets and avenues full of posters, lights, colors, sounds.
The erotic charge is a fundamental component of apparent visual clutter. Colors, letters, lights, sounds, offering. The shopping street is the high point where capitalist life is manifested in grooming their purposes.
See and feel the pulse of the avenue, say, or the great avenues and trade centers anywhere in the world.
Let us now return to the beginning of this small presentation. I think that it is possible to organize professional situation? They believe in you that placing the problem is simply the will of the organization? Or that the simple desire for an administrator, it is ordered?
I do not believe. I really think that the vitality of the capitalist world, which is manifested in said visual pollution will be preserved, as an intrinsic element of eroticism to capitalist society.
One must learn to live with it, because the disorder survive. Eros and Thanatos. In most, it always remember that the disorder is an order of another kind.
It will be up to the professional only give priority to the use of road information, the city’s use of what is already a great victory.
Anyway, the only possible.
In all, these illustrations, which are there for their human vitality, and that has nothing to do with the visual pollution.

Architecture and Design

Architecture and Design

parthenon-acropolis - arnold design

The modernatura is the architect of the touchstone.

This is revealed single artist or engineer

The modernatura is free of any coercion.

It is no longer neither uses nor traditions, nor constructive procedures, or adaptations of the utilitarian needs.

The modenatura is a pure creation of the spirit, it requires plastic.

PARTHENON – were chosen on the Acropolis times constituting a single design and that gathered around them the desolate landscape and underwent composition. So, from all corners of the horizon, the thought is unique. That is why there are no other architectural works that have this big. We can talk Doric when man, by lifting its sights and the complete sacrifice of accidental hit the upper region of the spirit: austerity.

Portico inside the Propylaea. The plastic system is stated in the unit.

We used the stone, wood, cement; they do with houses, palaces; It is building. The ingenuity works.

But suddenly, I care strongly you make me well, I am happy, I say, is beautiful. Here is the architecture. Art is here.

My house is practical. Thank you, and thanks to the engineers of the railroads and the telephone company. You did not touch my heart.

But the walls rise into the sky in an order such that I’m moved. I feel your intentions. You were gentle, brutal, charming or worthy. His mo stones say. You hold me to that place and mine eye. My eyes are something that sets forth a thought. A thought that is illuminated without words or sounds, but only with prisms that keeps relationships together. These prisms are aunts that light detail clearly. These relationships has nothing necessarily practical or descriptive. They are a mathematical creation of your mind. They are the language of architecture. With materials that surpass you. You established relationships who moved me. It is the architecture.

What distinguishes a beautiful face is the quality of the traits and a particular value all of the relationships that bind them. The face of the kind belongs to every individual: nose, mouth, forehead, etc .. as well as an average ratio of these elements. There are millions of faces constructed with these core types; in entremato, all different: Quality variation of traits and variations of relations that unite them. It is said that a face is beautiful when the accuracy of the modeling and layout of traces reveal proportions that feel harmonious because they trigger deep within ourselves, beyond our senses, a resonance, a kind of harmony table that begins to vibrate. Indication of pre-existing indefinable absolute in the depths of our being.

This harmony table that vibrates in us is our harmony criteria. Should be the axis on which man is organized in perfect harmony with nature and probably the universe, this axis of organization that should be the same on which align all phenomena or all the objects of nature; this axis leads us to assume a management unit in the universe, to admit a single will in origin. The laws of physics would be consecutive to this axis and recognize (and love) the up and his works given, the greatness of soul, so many virtues that are entered in the geometries of modenatura, organized in precise amounts relations. The Parthenon was Fédias he did, Fédias the great sculptor.

There is nothing equivalent in the architecture of the whole earth and of all time. It is the most acute moment a man, shaken by the noblest thoughts, crystallized them into a plastic light and shadow. The modernatura the Parthenon is infallible, implacable rigor Your exceeds our habits and normal man’s possibilities. Here is fixed the purest witness to the physiology of sensations and mathematical speculation that may be attached to them, the senses bind us; the spirit delights us; We played the axis of harmony. It is not religious dogma, the symbolic description of natural figurations; are pure forms within specific relationships, exclusively.

Two thousand years ago that those who see the Parthenon feel there is there a defining moment in the history of architecture.

We are facing a decisive moment. In this period when the arts groping and where, for example painting, finding little by little the formulas of an exit speech, clashes so violently the viewer, the Partherson brings certainty: the thrill of the senses, the joy of the spirit that measures and appreciates the recognition of an axial principle affecting the depths of our being. Art is this pure creation of the spirit that shows us in some pinnacles, the pinnacle of the creations that man is able to achieve. And the man experiences a great happiness to feel that creates.



Post-Two-electrical-design-installationIn creating an architectural project, certain elements less “noble” appear eventually minimized its importance, such as morphological components of the creation of language.
For example – tend to ignore the power covers today all sectors of daily life and for being so common, there seems to be very important.
Avida daily, diurnal, is a vast universe of activities. The project language is ultimately reduced to this universe that contains the dimensions of a residence.
It is not difficult to infer that the comfort of a home is not just the dimensions of the rooms, the furniture and even the versatility of use of its facilities. It is also inconceivable the idea of ​​a building without power, depriving the occupants of the refrigerator, blender, the blender, the hair dryer, shaver, radio television, the record player, not forgetting of course the artificial lighting .
We can see that the exciting in a house are the architectural lines and indoor decoration, but certainly no ‘life’ is given by electricity.
Not many years ago, the wiring was left to a simple electrician who ran the only service based on practice and in their cultural experience. Nonexistent project. Today, things have changed.
It is not difficult to note that the entire building, as simple and espoused that is, demand the development of a serious and conscientious design of electrical installations, through what can be made forecasts of points electrical outlet and lighting, as well the design of the electrical conductors, with sensitive consumer economy and total safety in circuit structure.
Post-Two-C-electrical-design-installationThe electrical system penetrates all the dependencies of a house, in a subtle and necessary form.
When designing the language of design electrical installations, goes to live in the building even if it is only in plants game.
The attention is fixed on the observation of internal circulation and external circulation of the future building. Simulate up all decoration possibilities and imagination widens, only contained by technical efficiency and common sense of the designer. In line with this reasoning will be provided points of outlets and lighting in all possible use of places.
The advantages are to be reflected in the three items already mentioned: Comfort, safety and economy. Comfort, because where we want to connect any device, we will be able to do it. Security, because we can connect everything that we need, without the risk of accidents in the wiring due to overload the circuits. Economy because we will be paying for utility services only what we are using, not the wires on heating costs – for example – the result of their evil design.
The problem of possible increased load during use of the building should be provided in the project. In this, the designer must have the same intuition of a futurist.
The ease of maintenance of circuits, as well as replacing fuses or circuit breakers, when this is necessary, here’s another item that requires careful forecasting.
The architect can not do without a good knowledge of electrical installation. In developing the design of an apartment building, for example, there is a need to predict the scale a location for placement of the meters, one for the placement of the vertical lines in addition to the forecast of electric pipe.
Post-Two-B-electrical-design-installationThe project can not omit also the issue of telephone pipes, and require imagination and technical knowledge.
Artificial lighting deserves special attention, because in addition to a multitude of types of fixtures and chandeliers that will be part of the decoration, makes up a very diverse series of lamps with specific functions (fluorescent, incandescent, mercury, LED, mixed mercury, neon).
Artificial light interferes deeply in the environment and consequently in visual perception. Our visual sensations originate from nature. So in a matter of lighting, our parameter is the sun. We have a sense of depth or relief based on the lighting coming from above (the sun). If we put spotlights illuminating from the bottom up, our feelings are exactly reversed, ie, what is raised will give us the feeling of a hole and vice versa.
The warm evening is one in which the sky is red. It follows that the creation of a warm depends on lamps with high red content.
Often we passed a place almost daily and do not realize certain object, until one day someone calls our attention to it? This results, of course, the type of artificial lighting because the frequency of light that is incident on the spot, in its spectrum, have low content of color for the object in question. And as he disappears.
Not always what more lights is the best in the field of artificial light. The quality, the case is inversely proportional to the amount.
The high luminous efficiency light bulbs, have high levels of blue, so they are the ones that best light, but in terms of lighting quality, leave much to be desired, lack of red.
For good lighting must be taken into account the fixtures, lamps, the location of the ceilings, the colors of the walls, the ceiling, the cleanliness of the floor and the purpose of use of home space of the building.
The considerations here propose reflection wiring as essential formal component in the construction of the building design language. It’s like paint palette: it’s not the finished picture, but without it, the best combinations, the most creative and with greater intensity of life would eventually be lost.

The industrial design as a competitive tool in the market

The industrial design as a competitive tool in the market.


The term “industrial design” enables a series of confusion to be deslindadas. Three types of misinformation can characterize it, as will be shown below.
The totally uninformed often confuse industrial design with industrial facilities design.
The least uninformed, know the expression, but conceptualize the industrial designer as something that swings (and sometimes sum) the artist, architect, publicist. In the mix of the three these people guess the configuration of a creative professional with enough potential to invent beautiful and bold forms.
The better informed know that the issue should be viewed from another angle than the one we insinuates be the industrial design to dress ment of the product. This view would be superficial in every way.
The Industrial design is the synthesis of all the features and properties needed to produce an object. So do not understand the context only the outside of the objects, but also the consistent relationship to internal structures and especially the relationship with the user, a key detail from the standpoint of functionality.
It can be stated that the activity of industrial designer brings together the functions of the product engineer and production engineer, consumer-user needs, what makes the universe of knowledge required to meet these qualities, be widened to the form address the problems inherent in each specific area, either in the use of the object, in production or design of it.
Post-one-b-Desenho-industrial-The resulting, in terms of professional training is to train individuals with sufficient knowledge of mass to participate in industrial production projects that will present the design stage setting needs, adequate technical development to production performance and satisfaction of the consumer market demands .
Thus, the proper preparation, the industry will be a strong competition hand tool in view of a product produced better, safer and better adapted to the needs of customers conditions tend to be more competitive.
This in a market where selective requirement are above mere analysis of prices, turning once factor, but today is not more representative, due to the existence of a universe of users each more conscious day of their needs and their integration with consumer objects.
It remains to alarm these considerations still a fundamental question: Is our manager aware of this new reality?
A definite answer the absolute can not be achieved, but, of course, it is believed that in general, and reflects the experience coming from outside the industry begins to reason in the sense that not only copy what comes out, but there is the need, in some cases, to anticipate the external solutions. To this it requires a different set of facts, ranging from the dynamics of the international market, to the need for troubleshooting coming from local cultural characteristics, not always provided in the countries of origin of the product concept.
This factor, especially should constitute the fundamental reason for the development of their own cultural identity, aggregate the industrialization of consumer objects, which will definitely lead to an acceleration of the creative development pace of industrial design in Sweden.
Some is also the activation of own industrial designer role on the international market, as shown by the data below:
Senior industrial designers
Annually in specialized schools
Japan 1000
United States 475
Italy 280
Germany 250
Industrial design professionals working effectively
Japan 10,000
US 7,000
Italy 5000
Germany 3000
Post-one-c-industrial-To these figures must be added another, corresponding to professionals in the fields of Architecture and Engineering, whose functions overlap with the task of industrial designers, particularly in countries where, however does not occur specific recognition of the professional.
It is noteworthy that there is a certain distancing school-industry, which does not occur in countries like Germany, Japan or England, where proliferate mutual cooperation agreements.
The university should reach industry leading design solutions and industrial design, as in other sectors such as applied engineering and business administration, in which advances in research and development area are reflected absolutely, on the lines of orientation of processes and methods. What in short reverts directly to the solutions for the final production element.
Could advance the thinking and imagine that in consumer products, industrial design acts as sales appeal of the same, more power would have on other products (agricultural machinery, production machinery, safety equipment, for example) were to be designed in the same spirit that guides the design of economies of scale.
There is no reason that it should not apply the same aesthetic and functional care for implementing the project of a milling machine, a tractor or a hair dryer. Such objects, kept the proportions and the intrinsic characteristics of each, have a common relationship with your username and with the kind of the right. They are part of a formal structure that associates to a common medium, the convenience of customers.
Functional can be beautiful, and vice versa.
The aggregation of harmonic detail in products not mass market should also act as attractive choice. What seems well done, certainly should be better.
Fortunately, this trend can be observed in some countries, which means that we begin to create awareness that industrial design does not apply only to a limited extent and acoimados products they drive up the so-called “consumerism”. It is necessary to provide the basis of the same concern, with which it treats the use / end consumer product.
Maybe this can be a new routing the crucial issue of Industrial Design, not yet defined goal and reach for now, insecurity generator.
Paradoxically, we have a manufacturing base potent and quite settled, which in international competition force, only lacks one element: the cultural identity that sets off his maturity and technical concerns, coupled with the breakdown of acculturated patterns, whose dismissal and replacement with truly connected solutions to our experience, and not as a culture, as a people, can turn into competitive weapon in an increasingly embattled market.